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Do you find yourself saying, "I know what I need to do to lose weight, but I just DON'T do it!"

or "I can never seem to lose weight from those stubborn areas no matter what I try!"

or "I have tried every diet there is, and nothing works long term!"

Hormone Balance in the body is what determines where your body holds body fat, why it could be stubbornly stuck in those areas, and also contribute to your inconsistency in sticking to a nutrition plan that works for you.


What to Expect

- Skin-fold caliper reading which measures 12 areas on the body (Chin, Cheek, Pec, Tricep, Mid-Axillary, Sub-Scapular, Supra-iliac, Umbilical, Knee, Calf, Quad, Hamstring).  The reading is taken by a light pinch of the skin and measures the width of the skin using the calipers.

- We use these numbers to calculate your body-fat % & highlight your areas of priority to be worked on.  (Yes, I know most of us know where our “trouble areas” are, but we will discuss some lifestyle and nutrition factors that you are doing which may be making them more stubborn than we’d like.) For example, like when my client Addie’s very stressful work life and low amount of sleep was causing an imbalance in her stress hormone production, causing her to hold more body fat in her belly and how we balanced that through nutrition & herbal supplements. 

- Discussion about your fitness & nutrition goals & what has made it challenging to reach these goals in the past.

- 30 minute appointment

What You Will Learn

- So you know the WHERE, now we’ll talk about possible reasons WHY your body holds body fat more stubbornly in certain areas and what hormone imbalances are related to those areas.

- What it will take to improve your health and body fat percentage, especially your priority areas.

- Why this will affect your Nutrition Plan, Fitness Program, and Supplement Recommendations