What is Commitment to My Goals?


“What is something I CAN commit to doing?”

A question I ask myself when I set an intention no matter how small or big.  Last week I committed to waking up at 5am every weekday morning.  I have been saying for approximately the last 8 months - 3 years that I want to wake up by 6am because I LOVE mornings! They are the most peaceful time of day and I am the most productive, focused and creative at that time.   But unless I have to be at the gym before 7am to train morning clients, I am guilty of hitting snooze for hours until I roll out of bed starting off my morning annoyed that I haven’t gotten up early…again.  One of my core values is continuing to become a better version of myself and expanding my capacity for growth and so I am making this commitment to 5am wake-ups.  Today is only day one so motivation is at it’s peak, but I have been in this place before and I know well that motivation is a flaky friend, so we can’t count on her to always be there.  But that is where the difference is in the words that I use to set my intentions.  Saying the word I commit to doing this…. vs I’m going to try to do this… is a HUGE difference.  “Try” already implies giving up at some point when an obstacle appears.  Commitment implies doing whatever it takes to stick to your word even when you don’t want to in the moment, even when it’s hard, and even when that obstacle is the comfiest bed in the world.  Your word to yourself is one of the most powerful things you can own and have power over, no matter what level of mental health you are currently at. 


 In my difficult seasons of life when struggling with depression and anxiety I would set goal after intention only to watch myself break my word to myself on a daily basis, eroding the belief that I could count on me for, well, anything.  It is a terrible part of this disease that keeps you down in the dark hole.  I was trying to jump out of the 10 foot depression hole when I didn’t believe I could even stand on some days.  I had to start small - and trust me when I say small is a relative word.  It doesn’t matter how insignificant it may be, drop the judgement.  Don’t underestimate the power of making your bed every morning, or moving your body for 5 minutes, picking up a sock on the floor when you see it lying there, or washing your face first thing every morning.  Those are literally some of the things that I started with to re-build my word with myself.  At the time, that’s where I was at, and I had to meet myself there.  Ask yourself “what is something I CAN do?” vs playing the “I can’t do that” track in your head and watch your life shift.