Train with me - from any location!

Personal 1 on 1 Training using the power of technology. Just like PT but I am coaching you through the phone, putting you through the workout just as we would if we were in person.

Many people reach out commenting how they wish they can workout with me, but do not live in NYC.

I started using Video Training sessions to work with clients who want to work with me and

  • Live outside NYC

  • Want to workout from home with a trainer

How it Works?

  • Workout at your gym in your location while I coach you through FaceTime, Skype, etc.

  • We schedule our workouts for the week (I recommend 2-3), and you call me when you are at your gym, set up and ready to workout!

  • Sessions are 45 Minutes long.

  • You will also receive workouts to complete during the week on your own between the times we virtually meet.

    You will need a smart phone with video, tripod to hold the phone, wireless headphones

    Limited Spots Available. Please contact me to inquire and

    we can set up a complimentary call.

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